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Drupal WebPurify Module

Through my employer, ChapterThree, I've released a WebPurify module for Drupal. At the moment it only allows filtering of comments, but it exposes an API for other developers to extend. Due to the project requirements it's a D5 module. If anyone has some free time, submit a patch for D6.

Run C code in a web browser?

I think I might have just passed out for a second or two. I love the C programming language, and I rather hate most browser-side scripting languages. Can this article be true? Did I dream it up from a lack of oxygen? I may have to stop making dirty comments about flash "programming".


Now that I've officially started my first week at my new job, I figure it's time that I make a post about it. As many of you may know, I've been picked up as Lead Engineer at Chapter Three LLC. You can eve find a stylish picture of me on the about us page. So Suave.

The site is largely marketing speak at the moment, I know. What we really do is Drupal development. If you need a custom site that can cook you breakfast, we can just about do it.

Audio Box

This is my first experiment with the Processing language. I was inspired to try Processing by the amazing Magnetosphere video. Music is a sample of Miss You by Trentmoller. This experiment is using simple OpenGL and the ESS library provides audio playback with FFT.

A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality

This is an excellent article. I wish more companies would think this way.

ACCEPTED: Google SoC 2007

I've been accepted to Google Summer of Code for the second year in a row. This year I'll be working with OSU OSL on Drupal / Google Apps API integration, along with another student.

Congratulations to everyone that was accepted!

Drupal 5 Gradebook/OG_Gradebook

I FINALLY ported the Gradebook and OG_Gradebook modules to Drupal 5. They are still marked development and need massive of testing. Please feel free to try it out and submit bugs and features requests.

New for D5:

  • The Assignment module has gone away in favor of D5's custom node type framework. You just need to tell GradebookAPI which node types are 'assignments'.
  • The Gradebook list menu item is now marked 'suggested'. You can enable it it in the Menus module.
  • Gradebook lists are now sortable and pageable. If you have many gradebooks, this really helps.
  • The Gradebook 'term' attached to an assignment now links back to the Gradebook, rather than the vocabulary.

Google Summer of Code 2007

I got my applications in. I hope one of them gets picked up. Any of them would be fun to do.
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